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The generosity of others is at the core of our existence. It is only through the support of our donors that we are able to give back to the community we serve.

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The YMCA strongly believes that everyone in our community deserves the opportunity to become a member or participate in one of our many and diverse programs regardless of their ability to pay.

The "Y Partners" Campaign raises the necessary dollars annually to provide membership and programming opportunities for kids, adults, seniors, and families that are financially challenged. We are committed to providing opportunities to those who need a YMCA experience but do not have the financial resources. The YMCA helps build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities. With your help, we will succeed.

  • Responsibility Level (Up to $99)

  • Honesty Level ($100 - $249): Donors will be recognized in the donor newsletter

  • Respect Level $250 - $499): Donors will be recognized in the donor newsletter

  • Caring Level ($500 - $999): Donors will be recognized in the donor newsletter

  • *Spirit, Mind and Body Level: ($1000+): Donors will have a banner placed in the gymnasium recognizing your family or business for their generous support for the Y Partners Campaign, as well as in the donor newsletter



Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the Y Partners Campaign. Your support provides the funds that allow us to offer membership and program assistance to hundreds of kids, adults and families. In 2020, over 375 individuals received a total of $93,282 in membership and program subsidy with another $8,187 in community support to local non-profit and service organizations being funded. In years to come, numbers served by financial assistance will be in the thousands. Give generously and help your friends and neighbors today! Consider a one-time gift from your family or business, or simply add a few dollars onto your monthly membership payment.